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EvolutionCBS Ltd

EvolutionCBS Ltd - Mastermind Promotional Video

The Brief

Evolution CBS is a multimillion pound company who specialises in helping business owners find the right exit strategy, helping businesses acquire businesses as a growth strategy and offer a growth to exit program for companies that are looking to exit their businesses several years down the line.

Evolution offer regular Mastermind workshops to deliver help and guidance to businesses potentially looking for the 3 services above.

The brief in this case was to showcase one of the mastermind events; the atmosphere, venue, people that attended as well as the speakers and knowledge being imparted.

What we did

We filmed the event as it took place ensuring we kept the brief in mind at all times to ensure footage of all the essential points was taken.

As part of the editing process it was very important to do something a little different so that this promotional video would stand out from the competition.

The unique venue at the Churchill Rooms in London gave us the perfect opportunity to add a dynamic introduction with a walk through the rooms, underground to where the Mastermind was being held.

Coupled with this we decided to go for music that build excitement, that drew the viewer into the venue and added impact.

We used graphics to highlight the important elements business owners need to know and added a voiceover component for the elements of the video that didnít show a speaker.

The result was a video which builds excitement, hooks you in and delivers the important information needed to understand the value of the Mastermind.